Saturday 21 May 2016

FA Cup Winners

The FA Cup (of course the full name as everyone know is the Football Association Challenge Cup) has a long and varied History having been running since 1871. Below is a list of the winners since the end of the second World War.

When the match was a draw a replay was played three to four days after the original match, however following police advice in the early 90's this was changed to 10 days, then the penalty shoot out was introduced to stop the need for a replay, the first match to be finished in this way was the 2004/05 Final.

A * star denotes that the result of the match was after extra time had been played. 

FA Cup Betting

Due to the amont of times Manchester United have featured in the tournament they are one of the few teams that many punters bet on before the contest actually starts.  This type of bet is called outright betting.