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FA Cup Final 2015/16 - Crystal Palacevs Man Utd

Crystal Palace v Man Utd - Saturday 21st May 2016 (BBC 1, 5.30pm)

Crystal Palace and Man Utd go head-to-head in the 2015/16 FA Cup Final this evening (BBC 1, 5.30pm). LVG's United are bidding to hoist the prestigious trophy for the first time since 2004, while the Eagles have the chance to triumph in the competition for the first time in their history, with their boss Alan Pardew in with a chance of becoming only the third England manager to hoist the cup in the Premier League era.

Crystal Palace v Man Utd Tips

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FA Cup Final Odds

Match Betting

To Lift Trophy

Correct Score Odds

Draw 1-1---13/211/27-
Man Utd 1-0---713/211/2-
Man Utd 2-0---15/215/215/2-
Man Utd 2-1---715/28-
Draw 0-0---121017/2-
Crystal Palace 1-0---141421/2-
Crystal Palace 2-1---141415-
Man Utd 3-0---121215-
Man Utd 3-1---121216-
Draw 2-2---141219-
Crystal Palace 2-0---252528-
Man Utd 4-0---252530-
Man Utd 3-2---222235-
Man Utd 4-1---252535-
Crystal Palace 3-1---404055-
Crystal Palace 3-2---404055-
Draw 3-3---504080-
Man Utd 4-2---404070-
Man Utd 5-0---605090-
Man Utd 5-1---555090-
Crystal Palace 3-0---665070-
Crystal Palace 5-4---200---
Crystal Palace 6-3---200---
Crystal Palace 7-2---200---
Crystal Palace 8-0---200---
Crystal Palace 8-1---200---
Crystal Palace 9-0---200---
Man Utd 5-2---9080125-
Man Utd 5-4---200---
Man Utd 6-3---200---
Man Utd 7-2---200---
Man Utd 8-1---200---
Man Utd 9-0---200---
Crystal Palace 4-0---125150175-
Crystal Palace 4-1---10080150-
Crystal Palace 4-2---100100150-
Crystal Palace 4-3---125150175-
Crystal Palace 5-3---200-250-
Crystal Palace 6-0---200-250-
Crystal Palace 6-1---200-250-
Crystal Palace 7-0---200-250-
Crystal Palace 7-1---200-250-
Draw 4-4---150250225-
Man Utd 4-3---9080150-
Man Utd 5-3---125200250-
Man Utd 6-0---125125250-
Man Utd 6-1---125125250-
Crystal Palace 5-0---200-250-
Crystal Palace 5-1---150350250-
Crystal Palace 5-2---150400250-
Crystal Palace 6-2---200-250-
Man Utd 6-2---150200250-
Man Utd 7-0---150450250-
Man Utd 7-1---150450250-
Man Utd 8-0---200---

First Goalscorer Odds

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Man Utd Route To Final

FA Cup Final 2014/15

Arsenal 4-0 Aston Villa-Saturday 30th May (BBC 1, 5.30pm)

Arsenal retained the FA Cup for the second time in their history after recording a comprehensive 4-0 victory over Aston Villa. The Walcott opened the scoring with a fine strike five minutes before the break, before Alexis Sanchez scored an absolute screamer early on in the second-half. Per Mertesacker added a third on the hour mark, while Olivier Giroud rounded off the action late on.