Saturday 21 May 2016

FA Cup History

Throughout its history the FA Cup has provided a multitude of classic matches, giant killings and spectacular goals. The famous competition was first held way back in the 1871/72 season, with the first ever final won by the Wanderers who beat the Royal Engineers 1-0 at the Kennington Oval in front of just 2000 spectators. Of course, it has progressed massively to this day, with the most recent final played at Wembley in front of 88,000 fans, with millions more watching on television worldwide.

FA Cup Winners

Numerous teams have had the honour of being crowned FA Cup Winners but none more so than Arsenal who have reached the final 19 times and have won it on 12 occasions, they are closely followed by Man Utd who have 11 wins to their name, while Tottenham are nect with eight.

TeamFA Cup Wins
Arsenal       12
Manchester United       11
Tottenham Hotspur        8
Liverpool        7
Aston Villa        7
Chelsea        7
Newcastle        6
Blackburn Rovers        6
Everton        5
Manchester City        5
West Brom        5
Wanderers        5
Wolves        4
Bolton        4
Sheffield United        4
Sheffield Wednesday        3
West Ham        3
Preston        2
Old Etonians        2
Sunderland        3
Portsmouth        3
Nottingham Forest        2
Bury        2


The following clubs have all won the FA Cup once in their footballing lifetimes:

Huddersfield Town, Royal Engineers, Derby County, Leeds United, Southampton, Oxford University, Burnley, Blackpool, Cardiff City, Clapham Rovers, Notts County, Barnsley, Charlton, Old Carthusians, Blackburn Olympic, Bradford City, Ipswich Town, Coventry City, Wimbledon, Wigan

FA Cup Final Appearances

Of all the teams that have taken part in the FA Cup over the past 128 years the winner for the most time being the proveberal bridesmeads goes to Leicester City who have reached the final four times only to be beaten on the day and never have the trophy that every team craves a prize that their local rivals Derby and Coventry have both had the honour of carrying.

TeamFinal Apearances
Manchester United       18
Arsenal       17
Liverpool       14
Newcastle       13
Everton       12
Manchester City       11
West Brom       10
Aston Villa       10
Tottenham Hotspur        9
Chelsea        9
Blackburn Rovers        8
Wolves        8