Saturday 21 May 2016
Millennium Stadium

Millennium Stadium

Located in Cardiff the Millennium Stadium is the official National stadium of Wales, it is also the official home of the Welsh Rugby and Football teams, but is also used to host other major sporting events such as boxing and Speedway.  It can also be used for music concerts; Madonna and The Rolling Stones have played there as well as the Manic Steet Preachers

Construction of the project started in September 1997 on the grounds of the former National Stadium Cardiff Arms Park it has a capacity for 74,500 people.  Since the Stadium was completed it has been given a UEFA 5-Star rating and has played host to six FA Cup Finals and two Rugby World Cups.

Inaugural Event

The first ever event to be at held at the Millennium Stadium was suitable a Rugby Union match on June 26th 1999, when Wales entertained South Africa in a friendly winning by 29-19 in a event watched by a test crowd of 29,000.

Millennium Stadium Trivia

The Stadium was one of the cheapest in recent years and only cost £121 million pounds, a quarter of the price of the New Wembley Stadium.   It has a fully retractable roof, only the second stadium in Europe to do so. 

The Stadium is made up of fifty six thousand tonnes of concrete and steel, spread over 7 levels that include: